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  • Sezai Burak Kantarcı

    Sezai Burak Kantarcı

    I just want you to succeed. | Connect 👉 linkedin.com/in/sezai-burak-kantarci

  • Jesse Pedersen

    Jesse Pedersen

    Helping people find happiness while exploring nature and spreading compassion; check out my music — Spotify @Jesse Pedersen; Instagram: @Jesse__Pedersen

  • Jim Sullivan

    Jim Sullivan

    Full-time Writer. Featured in The Startup, Invisible Illness, The Ascent & more. Mental Health, Creativity, Productivity. Coffee and cake tend to help!

  • Dawn Bevier

    Dawn Bevier

    I am a teacher, thinker, learner, and writer. You can reach me at dawn.bevier@yahoo.com

  • Mariza Writes

    Mariza Writes

    I write to explore, communicate and better understand Life | Relationships | Growth | Life lessons.

  • Raihana Rahman Nazifa

    Raihana Rahman Nazifa

    I endeavor to put together the scrambled words in a convenient story, for you to learn something new. Email:n5.nazifa@gmail.com

  • Tiago Belé, M.Sc.

    Tiago Belé, M.Sc.

    I write on many things, but Philosophy, Literature, and Psychology are special subjects here

  • Michael Apostol

    Michael Apostol

    B.A. Psychology • Join me as I continue to learn about research, mental health, statistics, and academia • Let’s connect ➜ www.michaelapostol.com

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